Go with 10
I had long ride with bicycle today for 160km.
Normally I ride bicycle by myself.
But today I rided with 9 persons.
It was very fun riding with another person.
Pass Yabitsu, lake Miyagase, I visited there.
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Kato-gyu-niku-ten in Keikyu-tomioka is meat shop.
It sells only beef meat.
Kato-gyu-niku-ten in Ginza is a restaurant of beef steak.
I and my wife went there.
Good taste, but too expensive!
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Oolong tee
Today's dinner was suki-yaki pot.
Drank a can of beer.
After that, Oolong tea was very good.
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Drink together
I performed a presentation to my boss.
After work, we went to drink at Japanese restaurant near the station.
I had very happy time.
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I am tired.
I made presentation files for tomorrow.
Very very tired.
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